Simon Burr, Chairman:
A larger than life character who on his day is a formidable batsman.  That day usually happens about as often as Christmas Day, but like Christmas Day, it’s fun.

The dad of two oversees the running of the club, chairs meetings and tries his utmost to get the rest of the committee to do what they’re supposed to.

Likes the good things in life.

M: 07725 891 931
Club Role: 
TRCC Committee Roles – Chairman


Mark Higgins, Club Secretary:
Dad of three Mark is a sharp wicket-keeper and classy batsman on the field.

Mark is the man who is in charge of the day-to-day running of the club, including minute taking and working with the Parish Council to ensure the showers aren’t too hot.

Enjoys a sub-committee with Simon in the Golden Cross.


M: 07525 051 122
Club Role: 
TRCC Committee Roles – Secretary


Ian Evans, Fixtures Secretary:
Without Ian, a formidable umpire/teacher, the Sunday side would not exist.

Ian is the man who does all the hard work to ensure the side has teams to play against.

Likes atomically hot curries.


M: 07805 425 155
Club Role: 
TRCC Committee Roles – Fixture Secretary


Marc Teal, Sunday Captain:
Red-head Marc is the tactical brains behind the Sunday side, and on his day, can hit the ball a long way.

Always plays more games of cricket than anyone else in the club.

We wish his spelling was as good as his fielding.


M: 07516 745 200
Club Role: 
TRCC Committee Roles – Sunday Captain


Shiva Nagam, League Captain:
Captain of the League side, a genuine fast bowler who can also belt the ball a long way.

Don’t misfield off his bowling.




M: 07867 142 235
Club Role: 
TRCC Committee Roles – League Captain


Hugh Fort, Communications Manager:
Hugh was Sunday captain for eight years, and has been with the club since the age of 14.

A professional journalist, Hugh is charge of club communications and the social media channels.

Used to be able to bat and catch.


M: 07841 596 274
Club Role: 
TRCC Committee Roles – Communications Officer


Adam Henley, Social and Events Officer:
The possessor of a mean square cut, Adam is officially in charge of “fun”.

If it’s a race night, or a barbecue or event a club day out, Adam’s behind it.




M: 07917 783 336
Club Role: 
TRCC Committee Roles – Events and Fundraising Officer


Steve Walkland, Treasurer:
Steve is the money man.  Not a penny gets spent without the beady eye of Mr Walkland ensuring the very best value for money.

A formidable left arm bowler and destructive batsman.  Once.



M: 07885 056 545
Club Role: 
TRCC Committee Roles – Treasurer