TRCC is a forward thinking club, and with the village itself rapidly expanding, the committee need to ensure plans are in place to keep up.

That’s where the 2020 plan comes in.

This is our vision leading up to the year 2020, with a number of exciting projects being worked on to ensure we’re not left behind as the area develops.

Plans have included the regeneration of our net facilities, a shiny new website and ensuring enough coaches have taken training courses to deal with the explosion of our colts section.

Future plans include a project which could see a new pavilion built at Stanlake Meadow, a Lashings game and the transition of the older colts into the adult sides, ultimately leading to the formation of a second league side before the conclusion of the 2020 plan.

Our 2020 plans contains the club’s long term vision and the committee is constantly discussing and working on ensuring TRCC is in a strong position in the future.

Short-term objectives: To be completed by the end of 2017

Medium-term objectives: To be completed by the end of 2019

Long-term objectives: To be completed by the end of 2020